About Us

Mission Statement

The Pharmacompoundia provides patients and healthcare professionals with accurate individualized compounded medications of the requisite standards of safety and quality, unmatched customer service and clinical support. Our specialized Doctors of Pharmacy combine scientific knowledge with compassion to ensure that every patient’s needs are given personal attention and that optimal compounded medications are dispensed.

Our Name

The word Pharmacompoundia is a new lexeme derived from the ancient Greek word pharmakopoiia (φαρμακοποιια). It is composed of three elements: pharmako-(φαρμακο-) ‘drug’ or ‘pharma’; verb-stem poi-(ποι-) ‘make’ or ‘compound’ and abstract noun ending -ia (-ια ). Pharmacompoundia, therefore, means ‘drug-compound-ing’ and is synonymous with pharmakopoiia or ‘drug-mak-ing’.

Our Processes And Culture

Rigorous scientific design, computational, technological and testing principles are deployed to bring medicines to the market place. A pharmaceutics scientist, an expert in the field of formulation science is usually the one with the task to design and test the appropriateness and fitness of a pharmaceutic product formulation, the dosage forms and / or delivery system (Tablet, Capsule, etc.) for use in a population of patients.

Here, at The PharmaCompoundia, our practices and processes are modeled after those of the pharmaceutical industry in the science and technology, but our capabilities are designed to produce on a granularity of one medicine per patient at a time- following the original practice of compounding in the art of the apothecary. This is our culture at The PharmaCompoundia.

Our Facilities

Our facilities are designed to meet and operate within the demanding cleanliness and engineering requirements of microbiological quality of USP <795> and <797>. Class 4 CAI in ISO class 7 rooms for aseptic processing.

We are at the cutting-edge of pharmaceutical care. We have a separate consultation room and are located within a multi-disciplinary health center. A process robotization capability is in our future.


  • Viable and non-viable particle count of air samples in raw materials area, production, packaging and quality control
  • Microbial sampling and enumeration of surfaces
  • Mycoplasma contaminant testing
  • Qualification of production facilities & equipment after installation
  • Sampling and analysis of water and air for pharmaceutical microbiology under all operating conditions
  • Disinfectant efficacy testing and cleaning validation
  • Media control, such as humidity and particulate testing
  • Confirmation of personal hygiene, determination of microbiological exposure on clothing and hands of production personnel