It’s That Time Again! Summertime! Compounding can address the many special needs of patients during this time of year. The PharmaCompoundia can formulate any compound that your doctor would prescribe for you.

Sample Compounds:

Sun Care – Foams, Creams, Gels
• Sunburns and Sunburn Pain
• Sun Exposure – Aftercare and Anti-Aging
• Sun Exposure/Protection – Lips (Paba-Free)
• Sports – Pain Relief and Aches and Pains
• Excessive Perspiration
• Bug-Bite/Itching Relief
• Stings
• Lice
• Airplane Airborne Germs
• Toenail Infections
• Weight Loss/Fat Reduction
• Anti-Aging

Traveling with liquid medications often can be messy! For the safe and clean transport of liquid medicines for pediatric, elderly and gastric bypass patients, use a Stay-Safe™ Closure on your dispensing bottle. These closures ensure an accurate dose and help prevent spills, evaporation and contamination. Child-resistant caps fit over these closures.

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