Our pharmacists can create your pets medication in a transdermal preparation that you can apply to the inside of their ear or other hairless area as an alternative to attempting to get the animal to swallow an unpleasant tasting pill.

Transdermal delivery is particularly useful for animals who should not be stressed due to cardiovascular or hypertensive illness. Its also appreciated by owners who no longer have to deal with an animal that resists being medicated resulting in scratches or bites!

Any animal may need medication at a special strength, and may reject a commercially manufactured drug because of its taste or smell. Compounding can offer creative solutions with its customized approach to medicine. Working closely with your veterinarian, our compounding pharmacist can prepare medications in easy-to-give, custom-flavored dosage forms that animals happily devour.

Pets of all species pose many unique medication challenges. Whether your pet is a cat, dog, horse, rabbit, bird, ferret, reptile, or other large or exotic animal our compounding pharmacists are equipped to help them all!