Effective wound healing is best achieved in a well-nourished individual. The healing process is an intense cellular process that requires energy and nutrients. Any nutritional deficiency will only slow down the healing process. Simple foundational steps and proper water intake can support wound healing. A good nutritional foundation would include omega-3 fish oil, a good multiple vitamin or B-complex vitamin, vitamin D and a quality probiotic.

There are some additional nutritional agents which can help maximize wound healing. Wound healing requires fillers to close the wound, which are mainly composed of collagen and an underlying support material called hyaluronic acid. Vitamin C has been shown to be essential in wound healing. Doses in the range of 1,000–2,000 mg/day have been shown to effectively encourage wound healing. Individuals wishing to take higher amounts of vitamin C should consider a buffered vitamin C and titrate their higher dose of vitamin C over time.

Vitamin A has also been shown to be helpful because it supports the cross linking of collagen and improves wound integrity. Vitamin A is also an integral part of the immune system.

Zinc is a key trace mineral that supports the formation of proteins and collagen. Adequate zinc levels are essential for proper wound healing, yet many individuals are deficient in zinc. Zinc is also critical for proper immune function.

A plant enzyme called bromelain has been shown to speed the healing time of surgical wounds and injuries. Bromelain helps to digest damaged tissue and reduce pain.

Protein intake is an essential factor in wound healing. Low protein intake places patients at risk for pressure ulcers due to loss of supportive tissue. Patients undergoing wound healing need the amino acids found in protein to rebuild damaged tissue. Choose a high-quality protein powder that provides individuals with those amino acids that have been found helpful in restoring muscle mass and enhancing wound healing.

Wound healing often takes an emotional toll on an individual while they heal. We welcome your questions regarding improving the wound healing process, and are happy to recommend the highest quality, pharmaceutical-grade supplements. If you are in need of more information regarding wound healing, talk with one of our pharmacists. Please call: 972-473-6867 for more information, or please email: questions@pharmacompoundia.com.