Are you interested in the most commonly suggested travel compounds? Here are some areas where The PharmaCompoundia can help!

• Motion Sickness – We can make lollipops to for children!
• Airplane Airborne Germs
• Jet Lag
• Snoring
• Hangover Relief
• Circulation
• Aches/Pains
• Coughs/Colds
• Anti-Viral – Lips
• Leg Cramps/Swollen Feet
• Bug Bite Relief/Stings
• Sunburn
• Hemorrhoids
• Excessive Perspiration
• Many More!

In addition to these formulas there are other opportunities for compounding for travel. For example, people sometimes need liquid forms of medications for children that can remain stable over an extended period of time. This is especially a common request for anti-malarial drugs. Some drugs may not be stable so make sure to call one of our compounding specialists for ideas such as powder packets or effervescent powder: 972-473-6867.